About LafiAnna

This is my blog where I share my passion for cooking and random related information that I have encountered in life with all of you.

A few years ago I worked in the creative department, which is also my favorite job. But to unleash my creativity, cooking dishes from different countries, making classic cakes like pizza, enchiladas, all these delicious dishes containing loads of melted cheese makes me extremely excited. Creativity is not only cooking, or finishing a cake, but it is also creativity in decorating, presenting them beautifully because when it looks good doesn’t it just taste better?

I now live in Sacramento, California and work full time on this blog to continue my love of cooking and baking.

I’ve never really been interested in fiction but I’ve always loved cookbooks and food magazines. They have pictures, novels don’t. I love art and travel to discover delicious and famous food where I go.

I often organize parties to exchange with family members, friends and former colleagues on weekends and holidays. In it, there are indispensable new dishes that I want people to comment on so that I can perfect the recipe for it. The dishes and recipes that I publish on this blog are guaranteed to be loved and enjoyable. I hope to inspire you as a home cook and boost your confidence in the kitchen. Life is for enjoyment and doesn’t good food just make it more enjoyable? We invite you to follow along and cook together!