What Temperature is High in a Crockpot?

Crockpots (or slow cookers) are one of the easiest and healthiest ways to cook. Unfortunately, however, most people are unaware of how their temperature settings work.

Most crockpots feature low, high and warm settings – the first two generally reaching temperatures between 185-190 degrees Fahrenheit while the latter typically maintains food at between 165-175 degrees Fahrenheit.


Crockpots (sometimes referred to as slow cookers) are popular kitchen appliances used for slow cooking at a low temperature over long periods. Ideal for dishes like stew, soup and casserole, the device features three settings – low, high and warm. Most commonly used is low setting which reaches up to 88degC (190degF) while warm can heat up to 74degC(165degF).

The low setting allows foods to simmer slowly over an extended period of time, producing succulent and flavorful meals. This setting is especially ideal for simmering meats, beans and other vegetables as well as making delicious soups or hearty stews.

However, the low setting should not be used to cook fast-heating foods like pasta and potatoes as the long, slow cooking process could produce food with an uneven consistency that becomes bland over time.

When using the low setting, it is important to remember that food takes longer to reach simmering point than on higher settings and may require adjustments in recipes and ingredients to take account of this variance.

If you are uncertain which setting will best fit your recipe, it is advisable to refer to either an online recipe or cookbook for guidance. A food thermometer can also help ensure your meal has reached an appropriate internal temperature to kill bacteria.

Avoid subjecting your crockpot to sudden temperature shifts as this could damage its stoneware. To do this, allow food to cool before adding it. In addition, thaw meats and vegetables before placing them into the pot. Finally, it is a good practice to clean out your crockpot after each use to ensure you can rely on delicious and healthy meals coming from it in future batches of cooking! By following these simple guidelines you can have confidence that your crockpot will perform at its peak level!


Crockpots feature two settings for maintaining warm food after it has finished cooking: warm and low. Warm is designed to keep dishes at an ideal temperature range between 140degF and 165degF, while low is best used to cook foods such as meats or stews, typically taking 8 hours.

Use of a slow cooker must follow its manufacturer’s instructions in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. These may include specific tips and guidelines on using it effectively, for instance some recipes require you to brown meats prior to adding them into the crockpot for enhanced flavor and texture of dishes; if your recipe doesn’t require this step you may skip it.

Another key tip when cooking is not opening the lid during all steps of the process. Opening up the lid allows heat to escape and can lengthen cooking times significantly, so only open it during the final stages to check on its status – this will prevent overcooking of your food!

When making meals with a crock pot, layering ingredients correctly is of utmost importance. Softer foods should go at the bottom while firmer ones go on top to prevent overcooking of soft ingredients. Also essential is adding enough liquid – a good rule of thumb would be filling half of your crockpot up with water before beginning!

If you plan to leave a crockpot running overnight on its low setting, it’s essential that you follow some basic safety precautions. First and foremost, always thaw meat and poultry prior to placing it into the crockpot – otherwise it may take too long to reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit and cause foodborne illness.

Additionally, using a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of foods before eating them can ensure they reach high enough temperatures to eliminate bacteria and make them safe to eat.


Crockpots are an invaluable kitchen tool for busy individuals, enabling them to prepare delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Their two different settings, high and low, enable users to produce food at various temperatures – knowing which setting to use can have a major effect on how long food takes to cook and its temperature when it is ready to consume.

Crockpots generally reach approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit when on high setting. Most recipes specify this temperature for optimal crockpot cooking results.

Crockpots typically cook food at approximately 190 degrees Fahrenheit on their lowest setting, making it suitable for most long-cooking recipes. Meanwhile, their warm setting may range between 165-175 degrees Fahrenheit to keep food warm even after it has finished its initial cooking session.

When cooking on the low setting of a slow cooker, it is essential that you closely adhere to its instructions for use. Doing so will ensure your dish is prepared safely and appropriately – for instance if a recipe suggests cooking for 8 hours on this setting then set your appliance at this setting and leave it alone until then.

Before beginning to cook your crockpot, be sure that it is filled with enough water to avoid any overflow issues while it cooks. If in doubt about the quantity of liquid needed in your slow cooker, referring to its manufacturer’s instructions is always an option.

Crockpot users should avoid overcooking meat or poultry on the high setting for more than one hour as this will cause it to overdo it and become tough. Furthermore, this increases your risk of foodborne illness as bacteria in these meats is likely to multiply quickly at high temperatures of the crockpot.

Note when using a crockpot: it is unadvisable to cook milk or dairy products in the slow cooker as these will curdle and separate, altering their texture and flavor. Furthermore, browning proteins prior to placing in a slow cooker will enhance their flavor and texture significantly.


Crockpots feature an internal thermostat which maintains an even temperature throughout their duration, distinguishing it from traditional cooking pots and making it an effective slow cooker. Food needs to remain above 40-140degF (4-60degC), where bacteria multiply quickly; therefore, using a low setting on your crockpot is recommended as this maintains this temperature range – something no regular pot could achieve.

The high setting is often used for boiling or braise tough meats in a crockpot, yielding tender and delicious results after only a few hours of simmering on this setting. Soups, stews and other recipes that require boiling also benefit from this approach.

Most crockpots feature a warm setting that allows you to keep cooked foods warm when entertaining guests or hosting family gatherings. This setting should typically be set between 165-175degF.

Cooking with a crockpot can be easy and convenient. Simply combine all your ingredients, select a setting and turn on the device. From there on out, just leave it alone while attending to other tasks – the pot will maintain an even temperature throughout its cooking session so when you return you’ll have delicious results ready for consumption!

Although crockpots may seem easy to use, it’s still essential that you understand their settings and their impact on food temperatures within. Understanding this will enable you to choose an ideal setting for various dishes without overcooking or losing too much heat through leakage. Furthermore, knowing this information will allow you to make sure your crockpot is operating at optimal performance without losing heat from its surroundings – use a kitchen thermometer after eight hours have been set for testing if unsure; any longer may no longer provide accurate temperature readings!

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