What Goes Good With Hot Chocolate?

Hot chocolate is an ideal winter beverage, but it can become even more satisfying with some accompanying dishes.

Desserts like a classic donut covered in cocoa, hearty scones or Russian krendl are delicious ways to complement hot chocolate beverages.

Cheese can add an unexpected salty bite to any drink and is especially great when combined with chocolate’s sweet sweetness.

Miniature Marshmallows

marshmallows are an easy and decadent way to elevate any hot chocolate beverage, creating an indulgent and indulgent experience. Simply combine regular, full fat milk (or plant-based version) with mini marshmallows; these will melt more easily than larger ones! A butane kitchen torch works perfectly for toasting them; alternatively you could simply run a flame over them while they sit in your cup in order to soften and soften them slightly.

Graham crackers make a tasty addition to cocoa drinks, whether regular or in s’mores-inspired varieties with melted chocolate instead of regular sugar. Both varieties make your drink a delightful s’mores-themed experience that anyone who appreciates chocolate and marshmallow will savor!

Shortbread cookies offer an indulgent treat when looking to add something more decadent to your hot chocolate experience, pairing the richness and minimalism with its exquisite flavor perfectly. There are various variations available; such as Earl Grey Butter Cookies that lend herbal charm, or Rosewater Shortbread that adds subtle floral notes for an exquisite complement.

Consider hot chocolate more of a dessert than just a beverage; any good dessert deserves to be enjoyed with something to complement its sweetness. Try air-popped popcorn coated lightly in salt or spiced/toasted nuts as these will provide a tasty balance to the sweetness of cocoa and help balance your palate.

Graham Crackers

Though eating Graham Crackers by themselves is no cause of shame, you can add some extra sweetness to your cocoa by mixing in other flavors such as chocolate syrup, whipped cream or even an exotic spirit such as Bailey’s, Tequila, Peppermint Schnapps or Rum liqueurs to make the drink more exciting and memorable.

Make an indulgent treat by crafting a Graham Cracker cake – it’s like dessert lasagna in one! Layers of banana pudding, Graham Crackers and caramel can all come together effortlessly for this decadent dessert treat.

Graham crackers are an ideal pairing with nearly every variety of chocolate. Or use them as an easy and quick snack by spreading peanut butter on them – perfect for an on-the-go bite before heading out or even as an appetizer at parties!

If you’re planning on serving hot chocolate to a large crowd, make it stand out by adding a graham cracker rimmed mug. Simply pour a small amount of ground graham crackers into a small bowl and dip the rims of each cup into it before topping with marshmallow creme for an eye-catching garnish that’s sure to please every chocolate lover in attendance. This simple decoration will bring extra charm and excitement when serving hot beverages!

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate curls make an amazing snack that pairs beautifully with hot chocolate. Making them is simple; simply peel a chocolate bar to get the curls or use a paring knife; once they’re in, store them in an airtight container in the fridge up to three months!

Delectable dessert treats known as doughnuts are ideal when served atop a hot chocolate, although you could also enjoy them with milk or even ice cream! While there are various recipes out there for making them, our favourite is found at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Salty foods pair beautifully with chocolate, making them the ideal snacks to complement a hot cocoa drink. Try things such as salted soft pretzels, nut butter on grainy bread (such as marble rye) or roasted nuts as options to complement your beverage. Furthermore, adding cinnamon or cayenne pepper for an additional spice boost.

Whoopie pies are an irresistibly tasty accompaniment to hot cocoa! Made of two round pieces of cake filled with frosting, whoopie pies offer the perfect sweet-and-savory combination to any cup of hot chocolate. You can either make or purchase them at bakeries and grocery stores. If you want something extra flavorful in your hot chocolate drink, spice things up by adding cinnamon, sea salt, drop of espresso powder, peppermint extract or any other spice you think goes well with chocolate!


Hot chocolate can be enjoyed solo with toppings like whipped cream, but it goes great when combined with salty and sweet snacks like popcorn or roasted nuts for texture and flavor to balance out its sweetness. A snack mix including rice Chex, pretzels and other crunchy bits might even do just the trick!

Sugary-sweet treats pair perfectly with hot cocoa, and this hot chocolate flavored popcorn recipe makes an easy and quick snack that would make an impressive presentation at holiday parties or movie night movie night with friends. Customize the flavors of popcorn and marshmallows according to your mood or use colorful sprinkles that complement the theme of your party.

Though you must work quickly to coat the popcorn in chocolate, the end result will make for an irresistibly tasty and fun treat! Make extra and store in an airtight container until later use.

Oranges, lemons, kiwis, tangerines and other citrus-y fruits pair particularly well with chocolate, as their citrus flavors balance out its sweet notes. Blackberries and raspberries, pears and mangoes as well as green grapes all offer excellent options to add some tangy sweetness.

Salted Nuts

One of the best parts about drinking hot chocolate is enjoying all sorts of tasty snacks with it, from marshmallows and other sweet items like chocolate chip cookies, to salty snacks like nuts, pretzels and chocolate chip cookies. For an extra special touch you could add in some alcohol for adults in your family while making the drink even more stimulating!

If you prefer something with more tart flavors, citrus fruits like lemons, limes, kumquats and grapes make for the ideal companions to hot chocolate beverages. Grapes and other berries add another delicious dimension when eaten alongside an ice cream cone!

If you prefer more classic desserts, pairing your hot chocolate with cookies or cakes is an ideal way to achieve the ultimate chocolaty indulgence. Churros make for an excellent example of such pairing – their cinnamon spice complements both milk and dark chocolate beautifully while being delicious served alongside whipped cream! For an indulgent twist add 1 tablespoon of smooth cookie butter instead of traditional butter as this provides an extra chocolaty boost in every bite!

Chocolate Bars

A chocolate bar with a high cocoa percentage will create a deeper chocolate experience than store bought mix. A 70% cocoa solids bar can easily be found at most grocery stores; avoid chocolate chips as these often contain stabilisers that won’t dissolve completely into your drink.

Chocolate syrup can also add an extra sweetness to your drink. Chocolate pairs beautifully with various types of alcohol; adding just a small splash of rum or bourbon will elevate its overall flavor profile, or splash of raspberry liqueur will round out its delicious taste profile even further.

Sugar cookies make an excellent accompaniment to hot chocolate drinks, whether homemade or purchased. Rolled wafers such as those produced by Pirouline may also be enjoyed slightly melted in your drink.

Add festive touches to your hot chocolate bar by using festive drink toppers and reusable paper straws, including some from your local dollar store to keep costs under control.

An inviting hot chocolate bar can be an enjoyable way to bond with family and friends. All that’s necessary to host one is providing high quality cocoa mix, delicious toppings, mugs (perhaps your grandmother left you some sterling silver tea or coffee cups you can reuse!), mugs with handles that conduct heat well – such as some from her collection; keep in mind the silver will help your drink remain warm for much longer!

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