What Does Lobster Taste Like? Juicy, Meaty, & Utterly Sweet and Delicious!

The question we ALL should be asking is not what does lobster taste like, rather it should be why does lobster taste so good????

To be honest, lobsters are pretty expensive. Just a single pound of lobster down at the docks and at your favorite seafood restaurant costs a huge amount. In the case of the latter, you shell out $30-$45 for a 1-1.5 pound of lobster. And mind you, the price at restaurants continues to remain high even when the cost at the docks goes down.

One of the reasons why lobsters are so expensive is because there aren’t enough commercial farms that provide lobsters at a more affordable price. On top of that, lobster farming, in itself, is quite difficult. The growth of crustaceans is very slow and is highly prone to fast-spreading lobster disease.

But enough of that, you’re here to find out the taste characteristics of lobsters. So let’s get to that right away!

What Does Lobster Taste Like

The best of both worlds is what you get with lobsters. The delicious lean meat sweetness and the crispy fiber goodness that comes from the tendons. Pretty much like what you get with crabs, although not exactly the same – lobsters are sweeter and lighter in comparison to crabs.

Now let’s break it down…


The texture of food has a lot to do with how it tastes, right? On that note, let’s talk about the texture of lobster meat. It’s almost the same as that of crab and shrimp. Certainly not as chewy as shrimp and even not as flaky as crab. The thing about lobster meat is that it melts in your mouth.

Type of Lobster Recipe

Needless to say, how you eat the lobster decides what it’s going to taste like. More often than not, at restaurants, lobster dishes come with extra butter. Because what delicious, creamy butter does is bring out all the flavors packed in lobster.

Plus, butter does a pretty good job when it comes to moistening up seafood (lobster, shrimp, fish, etc.). Lobster is certainly leaner in comparison to chicken.

Now it’s only natural for ALL seafood to taste fishy, even lobsters as a matter of fact. But with fresh lobsters, the typical fishiness is much less. Nevertheless, if your freshly bought lobster still contains that fishiness, it’s best to buy another one from a credible source. Fresh lobsters should not and do not taste fishy.

Depends On the Season

During the winter months of the year – that’s the best time to eat the most delicious lobsters. It’s during the winter season that lobsters are loaded with roe, which is found at the back. And which has an extremely soft and chewy texture with plenty of healthy, heartful fatty stuff.

But this doesn’t mean that you should eat lobsters only in the winter. Of course you can cook lobsters whenever you like, so long as you’re combining them with the right kind of recipes or dishes. And this I talk about later.

But for now, what does lobster taste like? Much like crab and shrimp, but not as flaky or chewy. Try it out for yourself to get a better idea!

What Does Lobster Taste Like – The Most Popular Lobster Dishes

Not everybody consumes lobsters very often given how expensive they are. For many, seafood is like a once-every-few-months reward or delicacy. Such as on special occasions like New Year’s, Christmas, etc.

Whatever the case, here are the most popular and delicious lobster recipes…

1. Lobster Thermidor

By far, it’s the best way to consume this super-expensive, super-yummy seafood item. The recipe consists of brandy and egg yolks, with lobster meat of course. The topping is creamy cheese and then the whole thing is baked.

2. Lobster Bisque

Imagine all the lobster sweetness and juiciness blended and transformed into a creamy dish. That is typically served in small-sized, pristine bowls or bread bowls for providing you with the most authentic flavor from the sea.

3. Lobster Roll

A fun day at the beach is always incomplete without seafood. I’m thinking delicious lobster rolls!

Light, refreshing, and juicy lobster meat sandwiched between buttery, toasted buns – what could be more delicious than this!

And if you’re deciding to cook these up, then don’t forget to cut them into bite-size pieces for your guests.

4. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Those tired of having the same old, boring mac and cheese always look for ways to spruce things up. And one way to go about is to add lobster to the dish.

Lobster meat combines very delectably well with the salty, creamy, and rich characteristics of cheese. Lobster too is pretty creamy plus sweet and salty too.

What Does Lobster Sauce Taste Like?

This is a white sauce that has a pretty mellow flavor. However, not many know that lobster sauce actually uses black beans, not lobster. The traditional lobster sauce recipe consists of garlic, ginger, egg, soy sauce, ground pork, meat stock, and black beans. The soybeans, no doubt, bring about the tarty flavor and tastes the best with shrimp.

How to Cook Lobster?

Lobster meat already is very delicious, so you don’t really need to prepare something fancy. A simple cooking method like steaming or boiling lobsters and then serving with butter should do the trick. Butter is important here since it adds flavor and makes the lobster meat tender and moist.

Just make sure you’re cooking a fresh lobster. And the best way to find that out is to look for any fishy smell.

And one more thing – don’t forget that you are going to have to kill them first before doing anything else.

But if you don’t have the courage to do this, consider buying frozen lobsters as the next best alternative.


No doubt, lobster is the crustacean KING. The taste is simply out of this world – it’s incredibly flavorful and delicious. And that is why lobsters are so highly sought after. But, on the flip side, they don’t come cheap.

As for what does lobster taste like, pretty much like shrimp or crab. Just less flaky than crab and less chewy than shrimp.

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