How to Make Yogurt Soju

Yogurt soju is an irresistibly refreshing Korean cocktail made with only three ingredients! Perfect for pairing with various cuisines.

This delicious summertime drink combines soju, fruit-flavored or plain Asian yogurt drinks, and fizzy soda to create the ultimate refreshing summer beverage! Enjoy it with friends!

What is soju?

Soju, or rice-based spirit, has grown increasingly popular across the United States in recent years. You can find it at liquor stores specializing in Asian spirits as well as online in most states.

Soju has an exceptionally clean taste and makes an ideal drink choice for people seeking something without creating a hangover. Usually enjoyed straight and chilled, soju can also be enjoyed in other ways such as cocktails.

People frequently combine soju with beer or other drinks. Some bartenders are even experimenting with soju-specific cocktails such as the Negroni, bloody Mary or gimlet.

Rice remains the preferred base ingredient, but other starches like sweet potato have become increasingly important as bases for soju production.

Soju boasts an irresistibly crisp and refreshing taste that lies somewhere between vodka and Japanese sake, and has long been enjoyed as an alcoholic beverage in South Korea and other Asian nations. A perfect addition to cocktails!

Traditional soju is composed of rice and has a neutral taste, yet can be customized with various flavors like lemon, apple and blueberry for variety. Other variations may also exist.

South Koreans can find soju in convenience stores and supermarkets as well as specialty liquor stores, while it is commonly served at Korean restaurants.

When it comes to soju consumption, proper pouring techniques are key. Soju should preferably be served from small shot glasses as a communal drink poured by an older member of your group.

Reeling in is a very social drink, often enjoyed with food. Additionally, Reeping can also be played around a table as a game whereby those who successfully sink a shot glass must drink a mixture of beer/soju (known as somek).

Soju is an invigorating drink that is the ideal solution for adults looking to reduce their alcohol consumption and stay out of trouble with hangovers. A lower proof alternative, soju can provide adults with an enjoyable way to cut back.

How to make a yogurt soju

Yogurt soju is an easy and refreshing alcoholic drink made by mixing together soju and yogurt. The tart sweetness of the yogurt adds another dimension, making the soju even more distinct in its flavors and allowing anyone to enjoy this refreshing beverage.

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product available in various flavors such as strawberry, lemon and peach. You’ll likely find it at most supermarkets and can add extra flavor to beverages with its addition. Yogurt’s versatility means it can also be used in various recipes!

Soju, or Korean distillate liquor, is an enjoyable summertime beverage often enjoyed neat.

Soju is an increasingly popular summer drink choice, as its light and refreshing properties make it suitable for anyone. There are various varieties available and it can often be found at Korean markets or Asian grocery stores.

When purchasing soju, look for one with a high alcohol content to get the best taste and relaxation effects after an exhausting day at work or school.

Soju is typically a clear liquor made from fermented rice, though other grains such as barley may also be used. Soju may also be enhanced with other ingredients like fruits, cinnamon or ginger to add its unique taste.

There are two primary methods of creating yogurt soju. The first involves cutting a yogurt in half and filling each half with soju and Chilsung Cider (Korean lemon-lime soda). This method is the traditional one, though it takes more time to prepare than others so ideally make this dessert in advance.

One option is to mix soju with yogurt using a cocktail shaker or container with a lid – this method provides quick results with similar flavor characteristics to traditional versions.

Yogurt is a beloved staple in Korea, available from many stores as a tasty treat that can be consumed straight out of its package or mixed with soju and other ingredients to create delicious drinks.


Yogurt soju is an easy and delicious treat that’s quick to create at home. Simply combine sweet yogurt drinks like Yakult with Korean soju for an irresistibly flavorful, fizzy drink that is delightful.

To create this drink, all that is necessary is some ice and some flavorful soju or yogurt drink – for extra flair add lemon-lime soda or ginger ale for even more taste!

This refreshing drink is ideal for any summer occasion, featuring all-natural ingredients that are sure to bring pleasure.

Your reward for working hard doesn’t need to come with any added calorie baggage! Simply combine sliced lime, mint leaves and sugar in a shaker until broken down; add two ounces of soju; and serve with ice cubes!

Alternately, this drink can also be made using frozen strawberries blended into the blender and lemon-lime flavored soju for an interesting twist!

Instead of the more traditionally consumed rum, this drink combines sweet soju and grenadine for added sweetness – perfect for those wanting an alternative that won’t leave them feeling sick afterwards!

Lime Soju Margarita is an easy and refreshing cocktail recipe perfect for anyone watching their calorie intake. Just blend or whisk up in a blender! Plus it makes a delicious choice when counting macros.

This delicious Bloody Mary recipe is the ideal way to satisfy your kimchi craving while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Packed full of fresh ingredients and with plenty of spice for an exhilarating bite!

Make this drink at home using just two ingredients for easy party or event use! Perfect as an alternative to Bloody Marys and with customizable recipe options like adding other ingredients like kimchi, chili peppers or garlic hot sauce!

Add 7-Up or Sprite to yogurt soju drink for an easy, refreshing summer beverage – especially if you want to reduce alcohol intake! It makes an excellent option when looking for ways to cut back.


Yogurt soju is an irresistibly delicious treat that marries the creamy sweetness of yogurt with the tart tang of alcohol. You can create it yourself at home by mixing a scoop of yogurt into soju or purchase it from stores.

Soju, or Korean distilled liquor, can be enjoyed either neat or mixed with other beverages. Typically clear and boasting an alcohol content of 20%-20.5%, soju can be purchased either in bottles or cans; typically served in shot glasses.

Soju can be stored either in the refrigerator or at room temperature if you do not plan on drinking it soon, though keep in mind that after about one year it will begin losing color and flavor.

Soju is known to spoil more slowly than other alcoholic beverages such as whiskey and vodka, provided it’s stored in an ideal climate with limited light exposure. Once stored properly, your soju should stay fresh.

Some brands of soju are made with preservatives to extend its shelf life. There are various flavors of soju available as well, making the option of keeping fresh long lasting even more appealing.

Soju should be stored by either shaking it to prevent freezing, or placing it in the fridge for several hours before opening it up later on.

If you’re making yogurt soju at home, keep in mind that infusing alcohol into yogurt takes several hours – to ensure that you can enjoy this beverage as soon as possible! So plan to prepare the drink ahead of time.

Add soju to a hollowed-out pineapple or watermeon and allow it to sit for three to four hours – this will enable the alcohol to seep into the fruit and create an amazing drink!

Soju is an easy and delicious way to commemorate special occasions, such as holidays or birthdays. Plus, pairing it with food or cocktails only elevates its experience even further!

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