How to Make Yogurt Soju Cocktails

This yogurt soju recipe combines Yakult, the popular Korean dairy drink, with soju (distilled alcohol made from rice). The combination creates an irresistibly delicious dessert-like drink, complete with its signature slight bite from soju.

This recipe utilizes plain soju; however, other flavored varieties will also work. For optimal results, flavorless soju is best so the yogurt flavor shines through.

Mixing Instructions

Success with yogurt soju cocktails depends on using high quality, low ABV soju with a neutral flavor and an ABV range between 18-24%. For optimal results, we suggest selecting soju with this ABV range, such as Jinro or Chum Churum; otherwise if unable to locate this variety.

Assemble a soju cocktail by mixing equal parts of soju and yogurt drink in a glass. For additional flavor, muddle some mint leaves in a shaker with yogurt soju and ice before serving, or try mixing in fresh fruit juice to add color and extra flavors!

Add soju to fruit juice for a delightful summer refreshment that won’t leave you feeling too hungover – perfect for beach days and long beach walks! For an invigorating night out with friends, combine soju with cranberry juice and lime for an energetic Cosmopolitan.

Korean Mule: an East Asian take on the traditional Moscow Mule

If you’re craving something zesty and tart, why not create your own cucumber soju cocktail? This delightful beverage provides the ideal balance of sour and sweet. To create one, muddle several cucumber slices with 1 tablespoon of sugar (either from sugarcane sticks or tablespoons) in a shaker before combining 2 oz of soju and 0.75 oz ginger liqueur before straining into cocktail glasses garnished with cucumber slices for decoration – perfect accompaniments to spicy Korean food!


Make this delicious drink using soju, yogurt drink (such as Yakult or Cool Plus), and ice. If you’re new to soju drinking, this cocktail provides the ideal way to experience its unique flavors without experiencing harsh alcohol burn that might turn people off from it. With moderate sweetness and smooth yogurt flavor providing fuller mouthfeel than typical alcoholic beverages and refreshing finishes.

For optimal results, choose plain and unsweetened yogurt drinks so as to not obscure the delicate flavor of soju. Flavored varieties may also work, including strawberry mango or green tea flavors – some popular examples being strawberry mango or green tea flavors.

Before mixing together the ingredients, add chilled ice. This will serve to cool the soju and yogurt drink as well as adding some fizz to the finished product. For an alternative low-cal version, consider opting for diet soda with low or no fat yogurt as ingredients.

Traditionalists will recognize this drink as being made with Chamisul Soju, which is similar to vodka in terms of neutral grain spirits, combined with any lemon-lime soda like Sprite or 7Up. But this cocktail can just as easily be made using another type of soju and yogurt drinks.

At the core of any successful cocktail is choosing an ideal yogurt drink to pair with soju. A top choice for this purpose would be Yakult, widely available across Asian supermarkets and K-towns across North America. If this cannot be found locally, any original-flavor yogurt drink should suffice – strawberry Calpico may work too; just bear in mind the flavor might differ!

Soju and sweet and fruity yogurt drinks can provide you with an energy boost and help prevent hangovers. Try this drink the next time you feel exhausted after studying or partying all night; you’ll be amazed at just how much better this delicious drink makes you feel! You may just find it helps make every experience enjoyable.


Soju, or clear distilled alcohol made of rice and other grains or starches like barley, wheat, sweet potatoes and tapioca is popular throughout Korea and Asia for its high quality, low calorie count and unique flavor profile. Soju serves as the basis of many cocktails such as soju bombs or soju cocktails; its relative high alcohol by volume percentage of around 30% makes it a smooth yet enjoyable spirit to sip directly or mix with cocktails.

Understanding how to store soju is essential for maintaining its peak condition over an extended period. Proper storage methods will preserve both opened and unopened bottles of this liquor’s taste and quality.

Store soju in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures to maintain its fresh taste and fragrance. Make sure the bottle remains tightly sealed when not being used to prevent air entering and diminishing its flavour. Also label each bottle with their date of purchase and inspect them frequently for signs of spoilage.

This recipe calls for Yakult, a Japanese brand of probiotic-rich fermented milk drink widely popular in Korean culture. You can find Yakult at most Asian supermarkets either in their dairy aisle or drinks section; alternatively you could substitute any original-flavor yogurt drink such as Calpis or Kefir to create this delectable beverage.

Soju is typically served chilled and with ice, though it can be mixed with other beverages such as fruit juice, soda water or carbonated water to create various cocktails. Some recipes call for adding in fruit like strawberries, mangoes or peaches as an additional sweet and complex layer.

Soju comes in an assortment of flavors, and many people enjoy mixing it into fruity or alcoholic mixed drinks. Some popular combinations include strawberry blueberry and pomegranate soju mixed with lime or lemon for an aromatic kick. Non-alcoholic versions can also be created using Sprite or 7Up as alternatives to soju for this tasty beverage.


Yogurt soju is not only refreshing, but it contains probiotics and nutrients that can aid digestion. Furthermore, its low caloric and alcohol content make it a good option for new soju drinkers or anyone trying to decrease their alcohol consumption. Furthermore, its many variations allow adults and children alike to enjoy this beverage!

Although most people opt for plain Yakult when making yogurt soju, fruity flavors like strawberry can also add a fruitier touch. If you don’t have any at home, lemon-lime soda like 7Up or Sprite are equally as tasty alternatives – some recipes even suggest adding other juices like mango, white peach, lychee, or strawberry as add-ins!

Crushed ice cubes or strawberry Pocky sticks can make for an eye-catching garnish when serving a large crowd; their melting into the yogurt soju will thicken it further and keep people’s drinks chilled for extended periods.

This simple yogurt soju cocktail makes a delicious drink perfect for parties. Simply combine all of its ingredients in a shaker and stir. Or you could serve it from a pitcher, which will save time by providing everyone with equal portions of yogurt soju.

Add an exotic touch by mixing this drink with a melon bar – an ingenious Korean popsicle made of creamy fruit-flavored milk that gives an extra dose of sweetness and texture! These drinks can be found at select supermarkets such as Loblaws.

A tropical version of this drink can be created by mixing equal parts of soju with frozen melon bar in a glass with ice, garnishing it with pineapple slices if desired, and enjoying this drink alongside some delectable snacks such as Spicy Korean Pork Belly or Kare-Kare Chicken Wings.

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