How to Make Chocolate Flower Petals

These beautiful flowers are an easy and stunning way to add decorative flourishes to buttercream iced cakes. Their vibrant blooms will certainly stand out on any dessert table!

Make these beautiful blooms using either tempered chocolate or candy coating melted together with heat, for ease of use and variety of colors. I prefer candy coating.

How to make the petals

Chocolate flower petals make an easy, fast and impressive cake or cupcake decoration. Crafted using modelling chocolate – similar to what’s used to craft roses or sugarpaste flowers – chocolate flowers don’t require drying time and you can add an appealing centerpiece for added effect.

Start by heating up your modelling chocolate until it becomes malleable, then dust both hands and work surface lightly with cornflour to ensure that less chocolate sticks to either. When creating petal shapes on paper, gently press with thumb against flat surface to thin and create more rounded form; once complete continue adding petals until all rectangles have at least 10 petals modelled on them.

Once your petals are complete, carefully transfer them to curved patty pans (or the backs of two paper towel holders with differing curvatures) and cover them in more melted chocolate. Allow this process to set. When your outer petals have set completely, begin filling in the inner layer by dipping each petal’s round tip in tempered chocolate before quickly pressing it against the base of a sphere – repeat this for each petal until you have an entire flower with both outer petals and inner petals with flat petals!

Make the petals even more eye-catching by brushing on some edible glitter or lustre for extra shimmer, if desired. At this stage, they’re ready to be added to cakes and cupcakes using royal icing icing for secure adhesion.

Add some pop to your chocolate flowers by painting small balls of colored modeling chocolate onto the curved patty pans and using the butt of a well-floured skewer to stipple their centres – this will secure them into place while also giving your flowers an attractive flower shape!

How to make the centre

Chocolate roses make an eye-catching decoration on any cake or other dessert, whether as part of an arrangement or alone. Their easy creation with modelling chocolate makes the process faster and tastier than using sugar flowerpaste – not to mention less of a hassle than drying! Sugar flowers often require hours to dry after being made!

To create petals, use a palette knife or handle of a teaspoon to draw three strokes in the shape of petals on baking paper. Cut out each petal before repeating. Do this until you have an abundance of petals – you could even try adding additional shapes for an elaborate bouquet!

Once your petals are ready, it’s time to start building your rose. Arrange 6 large petals at the centre of your cone before adding four more from less curved paper towel half and completing it off with several smaller petals from another plate side plate – then trim down to add shape!

Create the center of your rose by shaping a small ball of yellow modelling chocolate in your hands, placing it between its petals, and stippling its centre with a well-floured Dresden tool or skewer to secure its position.

Leaves may be added for an added touch; simply pipe a few medium-sized dots of green candy coating onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment or wax paper and chill. They’ll set quickly once chilled so it is best to work quickly!

Assemble flowers into a beautiful bouquet and present it in a gift box as an original and thoughtful present for Mother’s Day, birthdays or just because! Posy arrangements make beautiful table decorations for garden themed events and are the ideal addition to a gift package containing other goodies – they make wonderful table decorations on cakes as well as cupcakes – something anyone would surely appreciate!

How to make the leaves

Chocolate leaves can be created easily when using the right ingredients and techniques, making them perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes or bowls of ice cream. Any leaf will do, although for best results try citrus varieties like lemon and lime leaves with prominent vein patterns that withstand melting chocolate heat.

Prepare the blank acetate strip blanks for petals and leaves by purchasing them at most baking supply stores or crafting your own using plastic folder or parchment paper cut into desired shape and overlapped by another piece to form desired shapes. You could also cut thicker acetate paper from food packaging backs as an alternative source.

To create leaves, begin by pouring some modelling chocolate into a piping bag and using it to pipe small amounts onto each acetate sheet blank. For even coverage, keep the nozzle tip touching the surface as you move around while spreading out your chocolate coat evenly across it. After they are all coated, place them onto a plate and store in the fridge until hardening occurs.

Once the chocolate has set, it’s time to begin creating your rose. Start by wrapping one petal around a cylinder until most of its bottom surface has been covered by it; pinch each edge for added frills to give more realistic texture to the flower. Continue this process with all remaining petals while regularly dusting hands, board, and rolling pin with cornflour so that no chocolate becomes sticky or sticks together during construction.

Final Step – Prep Dragees for Center of Flower

How to make the stem

Chocolate flowers are an elegant touch for any cake or cupcake, enhancing any design with soft yet flexible modelling chocolate that allows it to be moulded easily into different shapes. Their creation requires much less drying time compared to sugar flowers!

This video shows you how to make a rose, but its techniques can also be used for other flower creations – think chocolate tulips, chocolate daffodils, chocolate lilies of the valley or even sunflowers!

To create the stem, take one of the smaller petals and form it into a cone shape before wrapping it around a piece of acetate or similar plastic to secure it in place. Repeat with all four petals so they overlap slightly over one another until your rose has reached the desired shape. It’s then ready for additional petals!

Flowers can be secured using plastic such as acetate or other similar plastic materials; however, I prefer sticking mine on with some melted chocolate instead. When using acetate as the foundation for sticking flowers on, ensure it has been well cleaned to remove grease or oils that could cause cracking to occur in your chocolate.

To give the petals more lifelike textures, you can flatten them slightly using a skewer dipped in corn flour. This will give a more realistic texture but be careful not to overdo it as too much will cause unnatural-looking results.

To create some basic leaves, try piping medium sized dots of green candy coating onto a parchment or wax paper-lined cookie sheet and chilling before adding your flower. So the chocolate has time to set.

To complete your chocolate flower, add more vibrant leaves around its perimeter, or use a skewer to push down and stipple its center so all its petals remain secure. Enjoy your finished chocolate masterpiece – and don’t forget to share it with someone special!

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